Cakewalk Design

About Cakewalk Design

Cakewalk will focus on building the best digital experiences for wineries to better connect with their customers.
My desire is to see Cakewalk's design efforts and roots grounded in a rich culture. This culture has been engrained in me since my time working as design lead for a winery ecommerce company. The people I worked alongside fuelled my passions for hard work, excellence, and getting things done.

James Davenport

James Davenport

Principal & Lead Designer

I have been crafting websites for wineries for over 4 years and I've worked in various roles as a designer for almost 15 years. My experience at Vin65 included 100's of projects in roles as project manager, designer, and developer. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat about an upcoming project, or you have any questions about using Vin65.